Northeast Sod Installation: Why Fall is the Best Time To Sod

Sod is a great way to get an instantly green and mature lawn while boosting your home’s overall curb appeal. It’s a win-win for you- less work to grow a luscious lawn. However- does that mean you can lay sod to improve your lawn at any time? 

Well- yes, and no. 

While you can lay sod at any time as long as you have water available and the ground is not frozen, the best time for you (and your lawn) to do so is in the fall. Especially if you are living in the Northeast, laying sod in the fall has many benefits to you and your lawn! Find out more about benefits to your lawn when you lay sod in the fall.

Lay sod this fall in the Northeast!

Cooling Down: Why Temperature is Important 

With autumn comes lower and cooler temperatures, finally bringing sweater weather. Turns out, sod loves sweater weather, too! Temperatures in the fall have cooled from the extreme highs of summer and have not hit the freezing temperatures that come with the snow. The just-right temperatures mean less intense heat, so your sod has time to take root and establish itself. The lower temperatures also mean being able to use less water, as it won’t evaporate as quickly (or freeze!). 

You’ll see a much smaller risk of your sod overheating and not taking root, or drying out, thanks to the cooler temperatures that come with the fall. Before you know it, you’ll have a healthy and luscious lawn that screams, “Let’s have a barbeque!”.

Give your sod ample time to take root.

Timing is Everything

Fall also brings the perfect balance of time. As we’ve all learned in the past year, time is very precious. Sod can take 4-6 weeks to develop a strong root system, with at least 2 weeks needed to produce a shallow root system. The fall’s perfect, cooler temperatures can last up to 3 months! This gives your sod ample time to take root in a reliable weather pattern. 

Grass growth also dramatically increases once summer ends, since the intense heat and increased precipitation provides a better growth environment. In the fall in the Northeast is when we see the most progress in root growth! This is perfect for you and your lawn. The temperature, grass growth, length of the season, and weather all lines up to create the perfect environment for your sod to flourish. 

Saratoga Sod’s Options

Fall is an excellent time for you to work towards achieving a beautiful lawn. With the perfect combination of cooler temperatures and ample time for sod to take root, laying sod in the fall will bring a luscious lawn come the spring. The seeding window will close, but there’s still plenty of time this fall for sod! Lay sod this fall, and it will be ready to show off come spring! Look at Saratoga Sod’s options now.