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Give your lawn the perfect foundation with our premium grass seed mixes and effective fertilizers. Whether you’re starting a new lawn, overseeding bare patches, or keeping your existing turf lush and green, we have the products you need.

Available in 50 lb. bags, our seeds and fertilizers are perfect for creating a lawn you’ll love. To order, call us at 518-664-5038 and pick up at the farm.

Grass Seed Varieties for Every Need

    70% Kentucky Bluegrass
    30% Perennial Ryegrass
    High quality mix for new lawns: good for pre- or post-season overseeding.
    40% Perennial Ryegrass
    30% Kentucky Bluegrass
    30% Creeping Red Fescue
    A quality fast & versatile mixture. Good for lawns and general use areas.
    50% Kentucky Bluegrass
    50% Perennial Ryegrass
    A great choice for home lawns or sport field overseeding.
    40% Aruba Red Fescue
    20% J-5 Chewings Fescue
    40% Kentucky Bluegrass
    Excellent for both sun and shade. Yields a lower maintenance turf.
    100% Perennial Ryegrass
    First choice for rapid germination & fast growth. Excellent choice for in-season overseeding on athletic fields.
  • GRAND PRIX 100%
    100% Kentucky Bluegrass
    Will yield a premium sod quality lawn or athletic field.
    90% Turf Type Tall Fescue
    10% Wildhorse Kentucky Bluegrass
    An excellent deep rooted, drought tolerant turfgrass, also good in shady areas.






Fast-Acting Fertilizers

  • 18-23-12
    Starter Fertilizer with 50% XCU
    Starter fertilizer to promote root development: apply to soils prior to sodding or seeding new lawns.
  • 24-0-11
    Turf fertilizer with 30% XCU with 3% Iron
    Good late summer/early fall and all-purpose fertilizer.
  • 30-0-9
    Turf fertilizer with 30% XCU with 2% Iron
    Good spring feed and green up. Can also be applied as a late fall feeding.