Grow Your Best Lawn with Scotts ProVista Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

If you live in the Northeast, you likely know that lawn envy is a very real thing.  At Saratoga Sod, it is our ambition to help you achieve the lawn of your dreams, and we have the key to get you a jump-start on the process. The decision to use sod is an investment decision. Instead of spending years of your time and money to have a dense, beautiful lawn, Scotts ProVista sod allows you to have it now, to enjoy instantly! 


Scotts ProVista Kentucky Bluegrass– Beautiful lawn, simplified, instantly!

Saratoga Sod Farm customers are utilizing Scotts ProVista Kentucky Bluegrass in a number of different applications.  From golf courses to home lawns, we’ve got you covered!


A Deep, Lush Green in Sun or Shade

Conventional Kentucky Bluegrass is known for its lush dark-green color.  Scotts ProVista Kentucky Bluegrass is no different, boasting a beautiful deep green that thrives equally as well in full sun exposure and shade coverage.  Installing ProVista Kentucky Bluegrass offers you a picture-perfect landscape that’s 100% gaze-worthy.  


Power to the Plant

Dense and green, ProVista Kentucky Bluegrass grows more slowly than conventional Kentucky Bluegrass—meaning it stays stunning with less fertilizer and 50% less mowing.  What does this mean for you?  Less time on the mower and more time enjoying your yard!  It also means fewer carbon emissions – what growing green is all about.  


Tough on Weeds, Easy on You

ProVista Kentucky Bluegrass crowds out weeds naturally with its thick, dense growth.  It is slow growing and needs little maintenance, and offers simplified weed control, so you can spend more time enjoying it, and less time working it.  


Thinking about Buying Scotts ProVista Kentucky Bluegrass Sod?

Scotts ProVista Kentucky Bluegrass sod has a number of benefits.  If you are curious about sodding or purchasing seed, seeking a quote for your lawn, or simply looking to get further questions answered, we can help. Contact the experts at Saratoga Sod for more, or request a quote here.