Request a Sod Quote

Order your new sod when site/soil preparation is completed. Sod is a living plant and needs to be installed the same day you receive it.

When your site is ready, call us at 518-664-5038 or Request a Quote below. All sod is cut fresh-to-order.

We’ll need to know:

  • Total square footage of sod needed. Not sure how much you need? Use our Sod Calculator
  • Need less than 300 square feet? We supply local Garden Centers
  • Type of sod desired (Is site sunny? Shady? Underground sprinkler system? Blending with surrounding grass? Learn more about our sod)
  • Requesting delivery? Allow several days’ notice for scheduling.
    (Minimum order for local deliveries: 600 sq ft. Higher minimums for distant deliveries.)
  • Picking up at the Farm?
    (Minimum order: 300 sq ft – weighs about 1,000 lbs. See Tips for Sod Pickups and our Hours and Directions)

Tips for Sod Pickups

  • You are responsible for having a vehicle capable of hauling the sod.
  • Full pallets of sod weigh about 1 ton each. (2,000 lbs.) Pallet “footprint” is 4’x4’.
  • Bring tarps, ratchet straps, etc. You are responsible for securing your load.