How to Raise Your Home’s Value – with Sod

One of the first things that people notice about your home is not what you’d expect- it’s your lawn! This is especially true for those looking to sell their homes. Michigan State University states that an attractive lawn can boost your home’s value a minimum of 5% to 11%. 

We’ll show you how an attractive lawn can boost your home value, and why sod is the perfect answer to this landscaping problem. Let’s dig in! 


A Home & Lawn Before Laying Sod



A Home & Lawn After Laying Sod


Creating Curb Appeal: Why Good Lawns Increase Value

An attractive lawn is guaranteed to turn heads- and encourage a little bit of jealousy- in homebuyers. HOW did you manage to get your lawn to look that perfect? If the home looks this quintessential and comforting on the outside, how must it look inside? 

Curb appeal increases with a nice lawn because it draws people to associate the beauty of the outside with the home itself. In fact, a recent study stated that 94% of top real estate agents nationwide claim that curb appeal is one of the most important factors in selling a home today. 

A great lawn captures your attention and connects to memories of home. A family barbeque, with flipping burgers and kids laughing as they race to tag each other across the grass. Playing corn hole with friends, laughing and cheering at terrible shots. A great lawn reminds us of the joy of being together, the love of family/friends, and feeling of being home. This has been shown to translate directly to a perceived increase in a home’s value by homebuyers. 

Since a great lawn can increase your home’s value significantly, the next question becomes- how should you get there? Make minor changes to your current lawn? Reseed and start over with new grass? Or turn to professionals to get an instant green lawn with sod? Sod is the only option that takes little time and effort to get to the dream lawn homebuyers long to see.


Sod Superhero: Why Sod is the Answer to Your Landscaping Problems

Sod refers to pre-grown grass in rolls, typically 2 feet by 5 feet. Farmers will harvest mature turfgrass with a strong root system. You get to roll out perfect looking lawns that will take root and stay there with you. You get an instant lawn, without all the work of seeding. 

But why use sod over just keeping your lawn now, or seeding to grow new grass? 

 Benefits of using sod over reseeding or doing nothing include: 

  • Faster: Seeding a lawn to grow to maturity from scratch can take up to 18 months, while sod can be ready almost immediately. With sod, you can immediately increase your curb appeal, while if you opt to reseed, you’d have to wait months for the seeds to grow.
  • Prevents soil erosion: Because sod has mature root systems, it helps prevent soil erosion, mud, and dust from entering your home. 
  • Blocks weeds: Not all lawns are created equal. Unfortunately, some lawns can be full of weeds! Weeds can ruin your curb appeal, making lawns look messy or dirty. Weedy lawns definitely don’t boost home value. However, healthy, mature sod can protect your lawn against excessive weeds, saving you time and back-breaking energy.
  • Cost effective: Sod is a true value. It is relatively inexpensive, often resulting as the cheaper option compared to seeding.

With all these benefits in mind, you can see why sod is an excellent and quick way to increase your home’s curb appeal- and value! Homebuyers have been scientifically shown to notice curb appeal and a manicured lawn before even stepping foot inside a home. Order sod today for your home, and see your home’s value increase almost instantly. View your options now!