Scotts® ProVista™ Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

If you are looking for the best lawn on the block, Scotts ProVista Kentucky Bluegrass sod is the only choice.  This premium sod solution sets the new standard for undeniably beautiful turf, with half the mowing, a greater shade tolerance, and complete weed control.  Thanks to Scotts Provista, you can spend more time enjoying your lawn, and less time maintaining it!

Scotts Provista is the most shade-tolerant sod solution we offer. Above, watch an experiment comparing the growth rate, color, and density of Scotts Provista in different shade scenarios against a standard sod variety. The experiment showed that in all shade scenarios, Scotts Provista was denser, healthier, a deeper green, and had grown less versus the constant.

Benefits of Scotts ProVista Sod

Scotts ProVista Kentucky Bluegrass sod close up

Power to the plant

Lush and green, Scotts ProVista grass grows more slowly than conventional Kentucky Bluegrass sod, meaning it stays stunning with less fertilizer and 50% less mowing. This equates to fewer carbon emissions—what growing green is all about.


lawn made of ProVista Kentucky Bluegrass sod

Picture-perfect landscape

Enjoy a lush, deep green lawn that grows uniformly in sun or shade.  Scotts ProVista Kentucky Bluegrass seed makes your landscape 100% gaze-worthy. 

ProVista Sod

Tough on weeds, easy on you

Scotts ProVista’s premium sod solution crowds out common weeds naturally with its thick, dense growth. It’s slow-growing and needs little maintenance so you can spend more time enjoying it, and less time working on it.