Sod FAQs

We’re the sod experts, so if you have a question about sod, chances are we have the answer! Browse our FAQs below for answers to some of our customer’s most frequently asked questions:

Buying Sod & Choosing the Right Grass Variety FAQs – Learn about how sod is measured and sold, in addition to which type of sod is right for shady areas, high traffic areas, pets, pools and more!

Ordering, Delivery, and Farm Pickup FAQs – Read the answers to our customer’s frequently asked questions on ordering, delivery, and farm pickup at Saratoga Sod!

Site Preparation & Measurement FAQs – Learn how to prepare your yard’s soil for sod installation and how to measure your yard so you don’t order too much or too little sod!

Installing Sod and “Watering In” FAQs – Answers to frequently asked questions on sod installation, including how long it takes, how to install it yourself, and when to water new sod.

Aftercare, Mowing, and Fertilizing FAQs – Tips for caring for your new sod, including when to mow new sod, when to fertilize new sod, and how to prevent dog spots from forming.