Expert Sod Distributors in New York and the Northeast

The Saratoga Sod team posing on a sod harvester for a photo.

Saratoga Sod Farm is proud to be a premier grower of turfgrass, providing top quality products to commercial and residential clients. We are an award-winning sod supplier for New York state, as well as offering sod delivery & installation in Vermont, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

We grow approximately 600 acres of turfgrass sod, including Scott’s ProVista Kentucky bluegrass, Fine Fescue/bluegrass blends, and Turf Type Tall Fescue. Mature sod is harvested after two years of well-managed care in either standard palletized rolls or big rolls for larger projects such as golf courses and athletic fields.

The sod business serves a broad customer base ranging from landscapers, builders, garden centers and golf courses, to schools, sports fields, colleges, towns and individual homeowners.