Saratoga Performing Arts Center Lays Sod On Barren Hill

Improvements to lawn seating area made in advance of 50th anniversary celebration

From the Albany Times Union – By Dennis Yusko Updated 9:46 pm, Thursday, September 24, 2015

Saratoga Springs

Workers planted carpets of sod Thursday at Saratoga Performing Arts Center as part of an ongoing effort to beautify the amphitheater ahead of its 50th anniversary season.

The music venue in Saratoga Spa State Park hired the Brickman Group to restore a once-lush lawn on the hill that overlooks its inside seating and stage. SPAC, members of SPAC’s Facilities Committee, and concert promoter Live Nation are paying an estimated $75,000 for the installation of 75,000-square-feet of sod, SPAC President and Executive Director Marcia White said.

Saratoga Sod Farm is providing the material. The project comes after a season of dusty fun on the hill, which was largely reduced to dirt this summer, despite efforts by SPAC to grow grass on it last fall. Soil tests and experts determined sod was the best option for surviving harsh winters and busy summers, SPAC officials said.

“Unfortunately, Mother Nature has intervened in recent years with very cold winters and heavy spring rains, weakening the root structure of our grass, and rendering it impossible to prevent the degradation of our lawn during our summer season,” White said.

“In addition, although our sloping lawn is beloved by our audiences for providing visibility into our amphitheater, the decline actually enables grass to wash away during heavy rains. We hope that our new sod will result in lush lawn seating for our audiences as they enjoy unforgettable performances next season, SPAC’s 50th anniversary celebration,” White said.

Main photo by: John Carl D’Annibale, courtesy of the Times Union

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