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Buy Sod for Your Home

Enjoy a lush green lawn immediately! No need to hydroseed, which can take years to mature… that is if it doesn’t wash out with the first rain storm. Our sod rolls are mature and need very little attention. It will fully root in 2-3 weeks after it is installed, giving you and your family the lush green grass you have always wanted! Need help with installation? Our team has you covered!

One roll of sod when unrolled measures 2’ wide and 5’ long. One pallet holds 600 sq. ft which is approximately 2,000lbs. natural turfgrass sod turf rolls are available by the pallet for delivery or pickup at the farm. For smaller quantities, find a garden center nearest you.

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Sod for Commercial Projects

Have a commercial project? Wow your customers with a complete, instant transformation — sod. Ideal for landscapers, general contractors,  golf courses, and athletic fields. Your customers will enjoy the instant effect installing sod provides, and you won’t get costly call backs for re-seeding or multiple weed treatments.

Athletic fields require dense, thick grass turf, able to withstand impact, recover quickly, and come back for more. Similarly, golf courses depend on quality grass turf to look and perform at its best. Saratoga Sod Farm’s sod is as wear tolerant as it is beautiful, ensuring top quality and playability.

For efficient installation, we offer Big Rolls of sod (4′ wide x 83.25′ long); ideal for large open areas. Need help with installation? Our team of installers is here to help.

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